Warzone Mobile leaks Modern Warfare 2 map images

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Since Infinity Ward released the extended single-player gameplay for CoD Modern Warfare 2, we haven’t really seen anything more surrounding the game. It’s been silent over at the Infinity Ward studios. Luckily, we have leaks to go by. Recently, leaks were found in the game files of another CoD game, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. 

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This kind of thing happens quite frequently within the gaming community. If a developer is silent for too long about a game that is nearing release, fans and researchers will take apart the studio’s other intellectual property in order to find more information to quench the growing thirst of the anxiously waiting gamers. This is exactly what has happened with Call of Duty and their soon-to-be-released title Modern Warfare 2. 

Warzone Mobile leaks Modern Warfare 2 map images

The images in this case came from a now-deleted Twitter account and reportedly feature maps from CoD Modern Warfare 2, and another game known currently as Call of Duty 2024.

We say reportedly because while the author of the post claimed the images were taken from the game files of an in-development build of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, we cannot know that for sure and the Tweet has since been relegated to the black hole of other deleted Twitter accounts. 

The images apparently show three Ground War maps. four multiplayer maps, and the keyart for Modern Warfare 2’s extraction royale mode, DMZ. The first map of interest is called Grand Prix and resembles an Asian F1 circuit. According to Charlie Intel, Infinity Ward talked about this map during a pre-reveal event.

The next multiplayer map is called Oilfield and if you’ve played Rust it may look a little familiar. The images also featured a map called Museum that takes place inside an artistic structure. The last multiplayer map is currently called SABA, but its name could change by the time we get to play MWII. 

As for the Ground War maps, we have one resembling a classic modern warfare TV station called Sira, a fishing village called Fishtown, and a dam that may feature a power generator known as Hydro. Unfortunately, the DMZ keyart is underwhelming as it’s a granulated and blurry image of a few soldiers that could be from anywhere within the game. 

While we don’t have any other information about MWII at the moment, we do have an article detailing how much fun Call of Duty’s behind-the-scenes teams have with players who cheat in CoD. 

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